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Decor Systems Experience Centre

The Decor Systems Experience Centre is a workspace come showroom crafted with our customers and employees in mind. Showcasing Decor Systems' acoustic products throughout, the space serves as a dual-purpose hub: a contemporary workspace tailored for productivity and comfort seamlessly integrated with a showroom concept.

Navigating the intersection of employee functionality and client experience, our challenge was multifaceted. We sought to design a space that facilitates collaboration and productivity for our diverse workforce and serves as an immersive showroom for our discerning design clients.

LocationBuilding 3, 201-203 Power Street, Glendenning 2761
ArchitectsCrest Interiors
PhotographyLuc Redmond
Traditional Custodians Of The LandThe Darug People

Integrating sustainability initiatives into the design presented an additional layer of complexity. Our goal was to strike a harmonious balance, creating a dynamic environment that embodies our ethos of innovation, environmental stewardship, and excellence in design. This challenge inspired us to push the boundaries of traditional workspace design, resulting in the Decor Systems Experience Facility.

Collaborating with Crest Interiors, we've designed a workspace that blends form and function effortlessly. Leveraging our extensive range of acoustic products, we've curated a modern working environment that caters to diverse needs and serves as an impressive showroom for our clients. This dual-purpose space showcases our products in a showroom setting, offering an immersive experience that underscores our unwavering dedication to innovation. Attached to the factory, visiting clients can witness the magic of local manufacturing in action, gaining an intimate understanding of their supply chain while experiencing first-hand the craftsmanship behind our award-winning products.

In addition to our innovative design approach and sustainability initiatives, the Decor Systems Experience Facility boasts several key features that elevate its impact and functionality. Central to our showroom experience is the inclusion of our award-winning Contours of Country range, honoured with a Good Design Award in 2023. This collection, featuring designs by Aboriginal artists, not only celebrates Australia's rich cultural heritage but also showcases the depth of creativity and craftsmanship inherent in our products.

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The Decor Systems Experience Centre is a testament to innovation and excellence, seamlessly blending workspace functionality with showroom elegance. With sustainability at its core and a commitment to pushing boundaries, this facility embodies our ethos of creating dynamic environments that inspire collaboration and productivity.

We welcome you to stop by for a visit.

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