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Arktura Vapor®Office Fitouts

KPMG Parramatta Office

The second of its kind in Australia.

Located in Parramatta, the KPMG office was designed by Kav Kreative and constructed by Built. The new office embraces young and forward-thinking employees and provides a unique experience for staff and clients.

LocationMacquarie St, Parramatta NSW
ArchitectsKav Kreative
InstallationOne Touch Interiors
PhotographyNicole England
Traditional Custodians Of The LandThe Dharug people
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The design intent was to connect people to place and encourage progression. This is evident through the interpretation of land, sea and sky in the various works zones. The new space also supports the importance of culture and social connection. The design’s aim is to reflect the unique history, natural environment and diverse community of Parramatta.

Arktura Vapor was installed in the ceiling, a standout for clients as they walk in the door. At the start of the project, Decor Systems created a custom working prototype tile of Arktura that could be plugged into a wall and lit up. The prototype was created to reveal to the site and project teams how the product works and comes together.

The LED backlit ceiling tile system showcases the office’s high-tech connectivity and modern touch. KPMG Parramatta is the second ceiling of its kind in Australia, redefining the way acoustics and lighting integrate harmoniously in a space.

Decor Systems is proud to have worked on another show-stopping project. We hope to see many more designs utilising Arktura in the future.

The KPMG Parramatta workplace project has been awarded Silver in the 'Interior Design - Commercial' category at the 2024 Australian BETTER FUTURE Awards.

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