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Group Fire Rating Calculator

NRC - 0.90Designer
NRC - 0.90Designer
ProductArktura Vapor®
Fire RatingGroup 1
Approx Pricing Guide$600+
Lead Time12+ Weeks
SubstrateDecorMetl | Metal & Mesh Panels
Standard Panel SizeNA

Arktura Vapor®

Sculptural soundscape at scale live here. Designed in California and manufactured in Europe, the Arktura Vapor® range achieves modern expression through abstract patterns. Its subtle complexity lends visual interest across a large variety of spaces. With the option to add a sound backer, they can be acoustic or decorative wall or ceiling panels. The Arktura Vapor® range includes a light-transmitting frosted polycarbonate backer to take any design to the next level. The range is extensive and flexible, opening up a whole new world of acoustic design possibilities. To create a breathtaking sculptural soundscape, Decor Systems is an exclusive Arktura Vapor® supplier in Australia. Visit the Arktura website for detailed product descriptions, 3D files, inspiration projects and other resources.

Key Features

Available exclusively from Decor Systems

Decor Systems is the only supplier of Arktura products in Australia. The range is suitable for large-scale and other speciality projects.

Flexible Architectural Systems

Arktura offers architectural systems that are devised with flexibility in mind, combining powerful design variables that allow each product to be tailored to a wide range of environments. Each product is an easy-to-use, highly flexible “toolset.” From overall configuration right down to attachment points, perforations, patterns, and finishes, the variables designed into each core product set can be adjusted to meet any project requirements.


Items 1/19
BLOOMNRC 0.75 with acoustic insulation
BREEZENRC 0.75-0.80 with acoustic insulation
BONDNRC 0.75-0.80 with acoustic insulation
TRANSITNRC 0.75-0.80 with acoustic insulation
ELEMENTNRC 0.65 - 0.85 with acoustic insulation
SOLIDNRC 0.75-0.80 with acoustic insulation
TRAILNRC 0.75-0.80 with acoustic insulation
CLUSTERNRC 0.75-0.85 with acoustic insulation
FREQUENCYNRC 0.55-0.80 with acoustic insulation
LIANANRC 0.70-0.85 with acoustic insulation
SKYNRC 0.60 - 0.75 with acoustic insulation
PIXELNRC 0.80-0.85 with acoustic insulation
CUMULANRC 0.75-0.85 with acoustic insulation
BYTENRC 0.50-0.55 with acoustic insulation
CORANRC 0.75-0.90 with acoustic insulation


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Supply Nation Certified


Annual cleaning and maintenance of the Arktura linings is recommended. Ensure joints are free of dirt and grime and follow the coating manufacturer’s instructions for surface cleaning.


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