Arktura x Decor Systems

Decor Systems is excited to bring to the Australian A+D community the innovative range of architectural systems from Arktura. Arktura offers a diverse range of products including acoustics, ceiling clouds and baffles, interior and exterior panel systems, and building façades that are setting new standards in terms of design aesthetic, adaptability and product quality.

We make it our mission at Decor Systems to source and develop new acoustic and other panel treatments that perform to exceptional levels, and the Arktura range does just that.

About Arktura

Arktura products are designed and manufactured in California and have been used extensively on a number of large-scale projects including LAX airport, Tesla offices and most recently, in the new Crown Casino building in Sydney.

Arktura was founded by three architects and former classmates. Their mission was to leverage cutting edge technology and software in combination with a deep understanding of design to push the boundaries of manufacturing.

The range is extensive and flexible, opening up a whole new world of possibility.

About the range

Each of the standardised Arktura products is an easy-to-use, highly flexible “toolset.” From overall configuration right down to attachment points, perforations, patterns, and finishes, the variables designed into each core product set can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

The range utilises a variety of materials developed by Arktura, including SoftSound, a sustainably sourced, 100% recyclable, lightweight, durable and high-performance material.

How to specify Arktura in your next project.

The best way to specify this exciting range of products is to get in touch a member of the Decor Systems team. You can browse the product range on this page or read about it here too, and once you have a sense of what you’d like, our team can help to bring that vision to life.

To learn more about this exciting range, please get in touch with a Decor Systems representative today.