Bespoke Metal Panels, Perforated Metal

It is also a contributor to the reduction of noise. Yet this diverse material is often reserved for external use, being overlooked for interior use by timber and plaster. Perforated metal can offer an industrial styling that is the envy of contemporary designers and architects alike. Decor perforated metals can retain their organic colour characteristics or be coloured into bright, fresh colours that enliven and intrigue. Decor perforated metal is a bold choice for daring architects and designers searching for the ultimate satisfaction that new approaches bring.

Custom designed metal panels provide a canvas for endless imagination and innovation with lighting effects. Creating fantastical settings that glow and gleam are perfect for evening environments, like bars and restaurants. As an added benefit to the lustrous beauty that illuminated metal panels provide, they also contribute to the reduction of incidental noise, and can be made from recycled materials, which can greatly enhance the environmental rating of green star buildings. These dazzling metal panels can also be used externally to transform the visual effect and design of a building, or used as screens to lower operating building costs.

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Have Axolotl's ( innovative range of finishes applied to your acoustic panels.

    Who says you need anything further? Panels supplied raw in their natural substrate texture.


      Fire Retardant (FR) panel systems are a critical consideration for all wall and ceiling systems – no matter how simple or complex. Decor Systems have a wide range of systems that are engineered to meet the most stringent industry fire standards. We offer a range of fire-resistant wall and ceiling acoustic panel selections to meet the compliance, design and functional elements of your project.

      Our team of specialists will direct you and offer up-front professional advice that will ensure you are fully compliant to the Building Code of Australia, without having to compromise the creative schematics you have in mind.