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Group Fire Rating Calculator

NRC — 0.90Designer
NRC — 0.90Designer
Fire RatingNon-combustible
Approx Pricing GuideApprox. $220 per M2
Lead Time12+ Weeks
SubstrateDecorMetl | Metal & Mesh Panels
Standard Panel Size58mm diameter


The exceptionally sophisticated lines of round apertures in this feature design ceiling make Olympia a standout finishing option. The profile pattern appears endless with its concealed joints bringing a monolithic, three-dimensional and seamless finish that makes a bold statement. Olympia creates interesting shadows and lighting effects, providing a creative mask to the roofing elements behind. Made from metal, the Olympia ceiling is non-combustible and suitable for use in any building. Paired with acoustic backing, the panels can achieve a high NRC rating.


Key Features

Quick Installation

Made from Aluminium, Olympia is easy to handle for quick installation, but incredibly durable.


Olympia offers a seamless finish, with each panel fitting perfectly alongside the other.


Olympia is non-combustible so is suitable for almost any project.


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58mmOPEN AREA - 50%




Supply Nation Certified


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