DecorLux & DecorLux Max

DecorLux & DecorLux Max

DecorLux & DecorLux Max

Perforated Fibre Cement

Ideal for ceiling systems, there are a variety of joining options to choose from to suit specific project requirements. Perforated fibre cement only makes for an even more functional panelling alternative, greatly enhancing acoustic ratings whilst maintaining a modern look. When used in conjunction with Decor’s integrated acoustic backing system, the acoustic ratings are even greater; creating a striking design effect that is seen and not heard.

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Who says you need anything further? Panels supplied raw in their natural substrate texture.

    Panels supplied undercoated for final finish on site. Undercoating the panels ensure the inside of the perforations are coated and sealed, removing the unsightly raw edges.


      Fire Retardant (FR) panel systems are a critical consideration for all wall and ceiling systems – no matter how simple or complex. Decor Systems have a wide range of systems that are engineered to meet the most stringent industry fire standards. We offer a range of fire-resistant wall and ceiling acoustic panel selections to meet the compliance, design and functional elements of your project.

      Our team of specialists will direct you and offer up-front professional advice that will ensure you are fully compliant to the Building Code of Australia, without having to compromise the creative schematics you have in mind.


      NRC- 0.70



      Access Panels can be integrated with this product. Contact Decor Systems for more information.

      Installation options

      Furring Channel system


      Architectural Acoustics 2 of 4: Sound Absorption Coefficient and Noise Reduction Coefficient


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