Vogl Perforated Plasterboard

Vogl Perforated Plasterboard

Vogl Perforated Plasterboard

Seamless Perforated Plasterboard

Bringing together the best of German engineering and precision, Vogl Perforated Plasterboard offers a revolutionary system of perforated seamless ceiling linings. The design of this product allows for circular, square and slotted perforations to be used in a continuous pattern to achieve a seamless look right across your ceiling. Whether you have a long narrow walkway or a vast open auditorium, the Vogl range will give you the perfect acoustics for your area, and create a unique aesthetic that is new, bold and innovative, with the best of European technology ingrained in its DNA.

The complete Vogl Kit includes the required material, equipment and detailed installation instructions for the highest level of performance during installation and reliable final finish. Ease of installation is a hallmark of this revolutionary product – refer to installation videos on our website.

The Vogl Joint System is the perfect product for your project, with its seamless, continuous look, variety of perforations and ease in installation. These beneficial elements create a product that elevates your project to a masterpiece and provides a foundation of elegance for your design, a leaping point for ideas and the right acoustic solution.




Fire Retardant (FR) panel systems are a critical consideration for all wall and ceiling systems – no matter how simple or complex. Decor Systems have a wide range of systems that are engineered to meet the most stringent industry fire standards. We offer a range of fire-resistant wall and ceiling acoustic panel selections to meet the compliance, design and functional elements of your project.

Our team of specialists will direct you and offer up-front professional advice that will ensure you are fully compliant to the Building Code of Australia, without having to compromise the creative schematics you have in mind.













Access Panels can be integrated with this product. Contact Decor Systems for more information.

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Vogl features and installation guide


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