Cemented Wood Wool Panels

Cewood is world-leading when it comes to eco-friendly, high-performance and cost-effective acoustic panels.

These eco-friendly cementitious wood-fibre panels not only liven up a room with design variety but also reduce echo and reverberation through sound absorption. Wood-fibre panels can transform the aesthetics and acoustics of any interior space.

In addition, Cewood performs well by absorbing sound while also thermally insulating. Acoustic wool is simple to produce, and panels are available in many sizes and colour variations that can be designed to fit any decor.

Features & Benefits

  • Ecology – the material is produced in an eco-friendly way.
  • Health – provides a human-friendly, favourable environment.
  • Durable – withstands deformation, are not damaged by rodents and insects.
  • Versatile – Easy to transport and assemble.
  • Insulation – excellent insulation properties.
  • Acoustics – excellent sound insulating and absorbing properties.
  • High-quality wood wool
  • Consistency in finish, colour, thickness and dimensions
  • Clean corners
  • Cost-effective – lower cost than other solutions
  • Low VOCs
  • Manufactured from 3 simple ingredients: wood fibre, cement, & water



Fire Retardant (FR) panel systems are a critical consideration for all wall and ceiling systems – no matter how simple or complex. Decor Systems have a wide range of systems that are engineered to meet the most stringent industry fire standards. We offer a range of fire-resistant wall and ceiling acoustic panel selections to meet the compliance, design and functional elements of your project.

Our team of specialists will direct you and offer up-front professional advice that will ensure you are fully compliant to the Building Code of Australia, without having to compromise the creative schematics you have in mind.

Noise Reduction Co-efficient


Access Panel Integration


Access Panels can be integrated with this product. Contact Decor Systems for more information.

Installation options


Clips – Brochure for clips can be downloaded from the document section below.


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