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The Sound of Healing - Importance of Acoustics in Healthcare Settings

Published13 Mar 2023
Written ByRebecca Fox

Acoustics is the science of sound and its transmission. The impact of acoustics on healthcare settings is often underestimated, yet it is of great importance. Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes are designed to provide a healing environment, but if the acoustics are not properly considered, the environment can become uncomfortable, noisy, and even harmful to patients, staff, and visitors. In this blog article, we will discuss the importance of acoustics in healthcare settings.

Why Acoustics are Important in Healthcare Settings

Patient Comfort

One of the most important reasons for proper acoustics in healthcare settings is to ensure patient comfort. Patients in healthcare facilities are often in pain, discomfort, or distress, and they need a quiet and peaceful environment to aid their recovery. Noise from conversations, medical equipment, or traffic can disturb patients and hinder their ability to rest and recover. Good acoustics can help reduce noise levels, leading to a calmer and more comfortable environment for patients.

Narrogin Health Service - DecorZen

Staff Productivity

Good acoustics can also improve staff productivity. In healthcare facilities, staff members need to communicate with each other, patients, and family members. Noise levels can make communication difficult, leading to misunderstandings, errors, and delays in patient care. Proper acoustics can help improve speech intelligibility, allowing for better communication and collaboration among staff members, which can lead to improved patient outcomes.

Narrogin Health Service - DecorTrend, DecorStyle

Privacy and Confidentiality

Confidentiality is a critical concern in healthcare settings, and sound privacy is a key factor in maintaining patient privacy. Confidential information is frequently shared in healthcare facilities, and patients have the right to expect that their conversations with healthcare providers are private. Proper acoustics can help to ensure that conversations are not overheard, thereby protecting patient privacy and confidentiality.

Warren Health Services - Vogl


Noise in healthcare settings can also pose a safety risk. In critical care units, alarms and alerts can be critical in alerting staff members to potential issues. However, if these alerts are not heard due to poor acoustics, patient safety can be compromised. Proper acoustics can help ensure that alarms and alerts are audible and that staff members can respond appropriately.

Barwon Health - DecorEagle

Overall Experience

Finally, good acoustics can enhance the overall experience for patients, staff members, and visitors. Healthcare facilities can be stressful and overwhelming, and a calm, peaceful environment can help reduce anxiety and stress. A well-designed acoustic environment can contribute to a more positive patient experience and can help create a healing environment.

Barwon Health - DecorEagle

The importance of acoustics in healthcare settings cannot be overstated. Good acoustics can improve patient comfort, staff productivity, patient privacy, safety, and the overall experience in healthcare facilities. By considering acoustics in the design and maintenance of healthcare facilities, we can help create healing environments that support recovery and improve outcomes for patients, staff members, and visitors.

What are the best products to use in healthcare settings?

Decor Systems prioritises research and development to provide the best products no matter the application. While all of our products are suitable for use in healthcare settings, here, we explore which products are particularly relevant, including DecorLux, DecorZen, DecorEagle and Vogl. These products offer both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, helping designers create spaces that prioritise comfort and safety.

DecorLux - Non-combustible Fibre Cement Solution

DecorLux stands out as an exceptional product for healthcare settings due to its remarkable resistance to moisture and mould. Its fibre cement composition makes it highly durable, ensuring longevity even in environments with high humidity levels. Additionally, its non-combustible nature adds an extra layer of safety to healthcare facilities, providing peace of mind to both patients and staff.

DecorZen - Harmonising Aesthetics and Acoustics

With its high acoustic rating and modern aesthetic, DecorZen is an excellent choice for healthcare settings. The combination of its sound-absorbing properties and visually pleasing design makes DecorZen an ideal solution for areas that require both acoustic optimisation and a calming ambience. Whether used in waiting rooms, consultation spaces, or treatment areas, DecorZen creates a serene environment conducive to patient recovery and well-being.

DecorEagle - Modern Linear Look with Enhanced Acoustics

For healthcare settings seeking a modern linear look coupled with outstanding acoustic performance, DecorEagle is a top-tier option. Its sleek design and high acoustic rating make it suitable for spaces that require effective sound control without compromising on style. DecorEagle offers versatility, whether used in corridors, patient rooms, or administrative areas, providing a visually appealing solution to enhance the overall acoustic experience.

Vogl Perforated Plasterboard - Acoustic Precision

Vogl perforated plasterboard presents an excellent solution for healthcare settings that demand precise acoustic control. With its perforated design, it effectively absorbs sound and reduces reverberation, creating a more peaceful and comfortable environment. The non-combustible nature of Vogl plasterboard further enhances safety, making it a reliable choice for healthcare facilities.

BioPanel ZapX

BioPanel ZapX is a proven, patented treatment that may be applied to all Decor Systems Acoustic Panels and guarantees the eradication of ‘super-bugs’. Test results conducted on Staphylococcus aureus confirmed an instant 100% kill rate. This makes it an ideal addition to Decor Systems' acoustic products.

BioPanel ZapX uses technology to destroy germs and bacteria on a nano level. BioPanel ZapX bonds with the material to which it is applied and becomes intrinsic to that material providing long-lasting protection. How long? 365 days!

The nanoparticles are engineered in such a way that can be best described as providing a surface layer of ‘swords’. This layer of swords both ruptures and electrocutes bacteria and germs rendering them inert and incapable of infecting a host or being spread to another surface.

The Importance of Compliant Acoustics in Fire-Safe Healthcare Settings

In healthcare settings, ensuring patient safety goes beyond medical care. It extends to the physical environment, where acoustic compliance plays a crucial role.

Among the various compliance measures, fire safety stands out as a paramount concern. By understanding the significance of acoustic compliance, designers and builders of healthcare facilities can create environments that prioritise both patient well-being and safety.

Protection Against Fire Hazards

Compliant acoustics in healthcare settings are essential because they contribute to fire safety. Acoustic materials that meet fire safety standards help to mitigate the risk of fire incidents and limit their potential spread. In the event of a fire, compliant acoustic materials can act as a barrier, preventing the rapid spread of flames and the release of hazardous smoke and gases.

Decor Systems has non-combustible and Group 1-rated fire products ideal for healthcare settings.

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