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The Real Cost of Using Non-Compliant Acoustic Panels - Safety, Performance, and Longevity

Published26 Apr 2023
Written ByRebecca Fox

The importance of acoustic panels has gained significant attention in recent years, owing to the increased focus on human well-being highlighted by WELL certification and other research studies. Adequate sound management has been found to have a profound impact on people's overall health and productivity.

Nevertheless, the recent global pandemic has forced many countries and businesses to tighten their economic belts, leading to budget constraints that can affect the feasibility of including acoustic panels in new building designs, or substituting for panels that have insufficient certifications, are poorly made, and in some cases, not fit for purpose.

Despite this, it remains crucial to find ways to balance economic considerations with the importance of creating healthy and productive environments through effective sound management solutions. In this article, we discuss the real cost of using non-compliant products in terms of safety, performance, and longevity.

Decor Systems invest in certifications and the hiring of highly skilled workers

Non-Compliant Products May Not Meet Safety Standards

First and foremost, non-compliant products may not meet safety standards, which can lead to potential hazards. Acoustic panels are required to comply with fire safety regulations to prevent fire spread and reduce smoke emissions in case of a fire. Non-compliant products supplied by a local joiner may not have the same level of fire resistance as Decor Systems acoustic panels, which can pose a significant risk to occupants in the event of a fire. This can result in property damage, injuries, and even loss of life.

Decor Systems have a range of non-combustible and Group 1 products.

Non-Compliant Products May Not Perform as Intended

In addition to safety concerns, non-compliant products may not perform as well as Decor Systems acoustic panels in terms of sound absorption and reflection. Acoustic panels are designed to absorb sound waves, reduce echoes and reverberation, and improve sound quality. Non-compliant products may not have the same acoustic properties as certified acoustic panels. Furthermore, there are many factors around production and installation that ensure maximum acoustic performance which only an experienced acoustic supplier will adhere to.

Without proper acoustic management, shared workspaces are less productive.

This is particularly important in schools, medical facilities, and commercial office spaces because these environments demand high levels of concentration and communication. Proper sound management can reduce noise distractions, improve speech intelligibility, and enhance overall productivity and well-being for both students and employees.

Non-Compliant Products May Not be as Durable

Non-compliant acoustic products may not be as durable, which can lead to higher maintenance costs and replacement costs in the long run. Decor Systems acoustic panels are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand wear and tear, moisture, and other environmental factors. Non-compliant products may not have the same level of durability, which can result in damage, warping, and other issues over time. This can lead to higher repair and replacement costs, which can ultimately outweigh the initial cost savings of using non-compliant products.

DecorLux is non-combustible, water resistance, mould resistance and will not rot or warp.

Consider the Real Cost of Using Non-Compliant Products

While it may be tempting to substitute Decor Systems acoustic panels for cheaper but not compliant products, it is important to consider the real cost of using non-compliant products in terms of safety, performance, and longevity.

Non-compliant acoustic products may not meet safety standards, may not perform as well acoustically, and may not be as durable, which can result in higher maintenance and replacement costs in the long run. Ultimately, the cost savings of using non-compliant products may not be worth the potential risks and negative consequences.

How We Deliver the Designer’s Vision with the Builder’s Budget

Architects prioritise aesthetics and design in building projects, which sometimes conflicts with builders' focus on minimising costs and efficiency. However, value engineering can strike a balance between both parties by identifying and eliminating unnecessary costs without compromising the project's quality or functionality.

This is particularly important in acoustics, where the desired aesthetic may not align with the builder's budget, but an inferior alternative could have detrimental outcomes.

Our R&D, project management, sales, and production teams work together to find innovative solutions that deliver the desired look at the best price possible.

Collaboration and effective communication between parties is crucial from the early stages of the design process to ensure a satisfying outcome for everyone.

With value engineering and smart solutions, both a visually appealing finish and cost-effective acoustics can be achieved without having to substitute for non-compliant products.

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