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wellness centre in aged care facilitywellness centre in aged care facility

Sound Solutions: Enhancing Acoustics for Aged Care Comfort

Published3 Jul 2024
Written ByBlathnaid Sheedy

Many building commissioners, designers, and care providers often underestimate the significant impact of noise, particularly on older individuals.

By raising awareness about noise's causes and harmful effects, we aim to provide solutions to minimise these effects through thoughtful design and management. This approach promotes optimal health and well-being among care facilities and private home residents.

As Florence Nightingale aptly stated, "Unnecessary noise is the cruellest abuse of care which can be inflicted on either the sick or the well."

Karringal Aged Care Facility Featuring DecorEagle

Sounds Vs Noise: The Difference

It's essential to distinguish between sound and noise: while some sounds can be stimulating and uplifting, noises are often distracting and disruptive. Achieving a balance that creates a soothing background can foster a serene atmosphere.

Sound reflections are minimal when a room has good acoustics because acoustic materials absorb these reflections. Materials with an open structure can absorb sound, effectively dissipating it within the material itself. Decor Systems offers a wide range of perforation options, edging details, finishes, and substrates suited to your design needs.

Karringal Aged Care PoolKarringal Aged Care Pool
DecorZen in a moisture-rich environment perfect for beauty and performance.

Acoustic Concerns for Aged Care Facilities

Poor acoustics and noise remain a top concern for residents and staff in busy aged care facilities, impacting sleep and recovery. Managing noise in healthcare environments is crucial for improving patient experience and overall well-being.

"Acoustics in Aged Care" by Richard Pollock is a practical guide to sound, noise and hearing that will help the reader understand the problem of acoustic intrusions. It covers the essential characteristics of sound, noise and hearing.

The book also focuses on the growing research evidence demonstrating how the acoustic environment can profoundly affect older people's quality of life and well-being.

Berlasco residential aged care centreBerlasco residential aged care centre
Berlasco Residential Aged Care Centre featuring DecorSlat

The Solution to Achieving Acoustic Excellence in Aged Care Facilities

The key to achieving acoustic excellence is selecting materials that suit a space's function and absorb unwanted noise while enhancing desirable sounds.

Decor Systems proudly offers a variety of acoustic solutions, including DecorSlat—one notable project involved enhancing the acoustic environment at Berlasco Residential Aged Care Centre.

This facility, designed and constructed by Paynters, received recognition in the Community Accommodation category for Specialist Disability, Aged Care, and Nursing Homes.

DecorSlat has been prominently installed in the ceilings of multipurpose spaces. The slats are arranged in a linear pattern to create a distinctive contrast, adding visual interest to the area. The warm timber tones harmonise with the building's interior features, providing a comforting and secure atmosphere.

Moreover, DecorSlat demonstrates exceptional acoustic performance, particularly when paired with DecorSorb backing. We offer comprehensive acoustic testing data upon request to further validate its effectiveness.

This product transforms busy spaces into havens of calm. Explore endless design possibilities with thicknesses, finishes, and applications for walls and ceilings. Build with purpose and unleash the power of natural beauty and exceptional performance.

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