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Offical Media Release

Published31 May 2023
Written ByRebecca Fox

Contours of Country by Decor Systems Recognised in Australia’s International Good Design Awards for Excellence in Design and Innovation.

The winners of Australia’s peak international design awards were announced on Friday 8 September at the 2023 Australian Good Design Awards in front of more than 1000 guests from the design and architecture community.

Contours of Country by Decor Systems received a prestigious Good Design Award Winner Accolade in the Product Design category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation.

The Good Design Awards Jury commented: “Contours of Country by Decor Systems beautifully integrates native art. We particularly love how it can elevate public buildings, such as schools and hospitals. ”

The Good Design Awards are the highest honour for design and innovation in the country and reward diverse projects across 11 Design Disciplines covering more than 35 Categories and Subcategories. Each year, the Awards celebrate the best new products and services on the Australian and international market, excellence in architectural design, engineering, fashion, digital and communication design, and reward new and emerging areas of design including design strategy, social impact design, design research and up-and-coming design talent in the next-gen category.

The 2023 Good Design Awards attracted high-quality design projects from Australia and around the world. These innovative projects were evaluated by more than 70 Australian and international Jurors, including designers, engineers, architects and thought leaders. More than 900 entries were evaluated according to a strict set of design evaluation criteria which includes Good Design, Design Innovation and Design Impact.

“To be recognised with an Australian Good Design Award tells the world this project not only represents design excellence, but it also surpasses the criteria for design innovation and design impact. The Good Design Award is an independent endorsement of professional design quality,” said Dr. Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia and Chair of the Australian Good Design Awards.

The Australian Good Design Awards is the country’s oldest and most prestigious international awards for design and innovation with a proud history dating back to 1958. The 2023 Awards celebrated 65 Years of Good Design since the founding organisation behind the awards – the Industrial Design Council of Australia (IDCA) was first established.

“It is incredible to see how design has changed over the past 65 years. While we celebrate this important milestone for Australian design, we also pay our respect to the oldest living designers on this planet who have been designing and creating for more than 65,000 years. We have such a deeply rich and diverse design culture in Australia to draw and learn from as we shape the next 65 years of design,” said Dr. Gien.

The Good Design Awards Jury spent two days at the Sydney Opera House discussing and debating which projects should be recognised with the prestigious Good Design Award accolade.

“Some of the Award-winning projects from this year’s Good Design Awards are truly ground-breaking. There are so many inspiring impact-led projects this year that have embraced the power of design as a problem-solving tool – their design stories deserve to be recognised and celebrated at the highest level. We are proud to continue the legacy of celebrating design, and designers making a positive impact on our world. The Good Design Awards showcase what true design excellence looks like, to inspire others to greatness – that’s exactly what these Awards are about.”

Projects recognised with an Australian Good Design Award demonstrate excellence in professional design and highlight the impact a design-led approach has on business success and social and environmental outcomes.

“The Good Design Awards recognise and celebrate the transformative power of design to find innovative, customer-centric solutions to local and global challenges. My sincere congratulations to all the designers, engineers, architects and innovators recognised in this year’s Awards - you deserve to be celebrated at the highest level possible,” Dr. Gien concluded.


Project Title: Contours of Country by Decor Systems

Designed in: Australia

Designed by:

Jenna Lee

Keisha Leon

Toby Bishop

Rachael Sarra

Commissioned by:

Decor Systems


Project Description:

Decor Systems has created Contours of Country, an impressive collection of architectural acoustic panels that highlight the artistic talents of First Nations creators. The range is designed to promote a deeper connection with Country and to give back to the artists through a 15% share of the sales revenue.

- ENDS –

About Good Design Australia and the Australian Good Design Awards

Good Design Australia is an international design promotion organisation responsible for managing the annual Australian Good Design Awards and other signature design events. With a proud history that dates back to 1958, Good Design Australia remains committed to promoting the importance of design to business, industry, government and the general public and the critical role it plays in creating a better, safer and more prosperous world.

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