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Eromanga Natural History Museum

An 11-hour drive west of Brisbane is a small town called Eromanga. With a population of around 35, and famous for being Australia’s ‘furthest town from the sea’, you’d be forgiven for not having heard of it.

Decor Systems delivered acoustic ceiling panels to this remote community for the first stage of the new Eromanga Natural History Museum.

Location1 Dinosaur Dr, Eromanga QLD 4480
PhotographyBrett Boardman
Traditional Custodians Of The LandThe Dharawala people
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The extremely remote museum exists on account of a significant paleontological discovery. Several of Australia’s largest dinosaurs have been unearthed and the area is being heralded by scientists as the most exciting and prolific dinosaur site in Australia.

Architectus was appointed to design the first stage to share the Museum’s activities and collection with the public and to provide research facilities for staff and visiting researchers.

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The concrete structure has been designed to respond appropriately to harsh weather conditions. Eromanga can experience temperatures below 0ºC in winter and close to 50ºC in summer.

The successful use of external glazing, air gaps and insulation means that even when there is no air conditioning running, the internal conditions are still significantly cooler than the external conditions on a hot day.

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As well as temperature, acoustic panels were used to create a pleasant internal environment for visitors. Galleries and museums are inherently echoey spaces with their large open areas and hard surfaces so the acoustic ceiling was an important element to absorb noise to facilitate a range of activities from quiet browsing to gallery tours.

DecorSlat panels complement the concrete and glass palette and the long linear slats create a sense of openness. The natural timber veneer finish provides an organic aesthetic alongside dinosaur bones and other artifacts found in nature.

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Decor Systems are proud to have been a part of this project that defied the challenges of its remote location.

If you’re up for a road trip, you’ll find the museum at 1 Dinosaur Dr, Eromanga.

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