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SlatArts and Community

180 George Street Plaza Building

Situated between George and Pitt Streets, 180 George Street Plaza Building is an impressive architectural marvel that pays homage to the Aboriginal heritage of the site.

Designed by Adjaye Architects in conjunction with Architectus, and constructed by Lendlease, it incorporates artwork by Indigenous artist Daniel Boyd, drawing inspiration from Indigenous architecture, culture, and gatherings to inform the design.

Location180 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
PhotographyTrevor Mein
Traditional Custodians Of The LandThe Gadigal people

This magnificent structure, located in Sydney, captivates attention with its striking exterior and interior. The massive, perforated steel canopy and distinct building shape create a stark contrast to the interior, which features soft timber panelling, including DecorSlat. This juxtaposition and element of surprise add to its attraction.

At the project's outset, Decor Systems collaborated with Architectus to explore a wide range of materials suitable for the design's intent. Samples were produced at our Sydney warehouse and sent to Adjaye Associates' London office for review.

After an extensive sampling process, Decor Systems deviated from the conventional sliced veneer approach and proposed an alternative that aligns with all stakeholders.

The chosen solution was custom-finished DecorSlat panels with a Queensland Maple Truewood veneer, to meet all requirements.

This veneer is unique to the market, offering an environmentally conscious and sustainable finish. It utilises off cuts and unusable veneers that would otherwise be discarded, joining them together and slicing them at an angle to create a sophisticated and natural appearance.

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During installation, close coordination with the skilled contractors at Brighton was crucial. From the contractors to Decor Systems' factory and then to the project site, clear communication and management were maintained by Decor Systems to ensure the design's unique intent was achieved.

Decor Systems completed numerous shop drawings and intricate designs to ensure our product met the requirements and presented an aesthetically pleasing result, particularly around the stairways and sloped ceilings. Some DecorSlat panels were intentionally oversized, allowing for on-site trimming to ensure accuracy and the best possible outcome.

180 George Street Plaza Building stands as a testament to the visionary design and execution by Adjaye Associates, Architectus, Daniel Boyd, and Lendlease. Decor Systems is proud to have played a part in another iconic project that enriches the community and provides an exciting space for refuge and cultural activities.

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