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StyleSport and Recreation

Bay Pavilions

The Bay Pavilions, located in Batemans Bay, NSW Australia, is an iconic sport and leisure centre that provides an exciting place for the community to play, explore talents and share skills.

The project has won 4 awards including Editor's Choice Social & Community Outcomes, Sustainability Awards 2022; Best Public Building over 60MNSW, Master Builders Awards 2022; Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards 2022; and Best Regional Project, Australian Institute of Project Management NSW Awards 2022.

Location12 Vesper Street, Batemans Bay NSW 2536
Traditional Custodians Of The LandThe Eurobodalla people
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With a large multifunctional space, the challenge was to create two distinct environments, a theatre, and a pool, both of which are highly active and loud areas. 

Architects at NBRS specified DecorStyle and DecorTrend to be used in the main foyer, located between the pool and the theatre, as well as the theatre’s foyer. The combination of the two products in the foyer created an acoustically and aesthetically pleasing space whilst also connecting the two distinct environments seamlessly, without unwanted sound.

DecorStyle is used on the exterior ceiling of the building and flows through to DecorTrend on the internal ceiling, both in the SmartLook Hoop Pine finish, creating a consistent feel in the foyer areas.

DecorTrend manages the high-level internal acoustics from the pool and theatre, allowing people to thoroughly enjoy their time and navigate the space in a positive way.

The renovated aquatic centre is a testament to the design vision of the Australian Architects at NBRS in partnership with the builders, ADCO Constructions. Decor Systems are delighted to have been involved in another iconic project that gives back to its community and offers an exciting place for exploration and play.


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