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Acoustics For Shared Learning

Lyons and M3 Architects are behind the world-class Andrew Liveris Building, a flagship project for the University of Queensland that connects the faculty of engineering, architecture and information technology.

By incorporating a range of collaborative spaces with overlapping boundaries between learning, research and industry, the design encourages a sense of shared discovery.

LocationSt Lucia, Brisbane, QLD
Traditional Custodians Of The LandThe Turrbal people
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The almost molecular looking facade design was created with the intention of representing the “confluence between chemical engineering and the campus itself - a campus with stoic sandstone origins becoming increasingly glass with each new building addition,” according to M3 Architecture.

The molecular theme carries through the interiors manifesting in curves and rounded furniture.

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“This metamorphosis from sand to glass is used metaphorically to make a building that simultaneously acknowledges its time, place and role as the home for Chemical Engineering.”

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Internally, it is no surprise that acoustic ceiling panels have been used in abundance given the collaborative nature of work that the building is designed to accommodate. Sound management is imperative in such a space.

Decor Systems supplied DecorSlat panels in a blue and purple colour scheme that reflects the external colour palette. DecorInsul was used behind the slatted panels to absorb up to 80% of incidental noise.

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This award-winning building is a testament to the power of collaboration. It will stand the School of Chemical Engineering in good stead by equipping future generations of leaders with the ability to engineer a better world.

Awards: John Dalton Award for Building of the Year

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