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Hamilton Secondary College

The Hamilton Secondary College is known both nationally and internationally for its Space Program. The inclusion of a planetarium as part of a new Performing Arts Centre was an opportunity to build upon this unique area of interest, demonstrate the Government’s commitment to innovation and space research, and add a landmark building to the site.

Location815 Marion Rd, Mitchell Park SA 5043
ArchitectsTotalspace Design
BuilderMarshall & Broughm
Traditional Custodians Of The LandKaurna people
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Totalspace Design created a building that reflects the unique nature of the planetarium and the excitement of a traditional theatre experience.

The multi-purpose space has retractable seating with high-quality theatre facilities for use by students and the community alike and the planetarium offers an immersive and enlightening experience to students.

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The interiors complement the building’s unique sculptural forms with a neutral palette and use of natural timbers, such as DecorSlat and DecorLini acoustic panels, interspersed by bold statements such as the use of a custom DecorArti design in a glossy black that mimics the night sky.

The acoustic performance requirements of the planetarium and auditorium spaces were a major driver in the interiors of the building. Close consultation between the acoustic engineers, Decor Systems and audio-visual specialists was required to achieve the desired technical and aesthetic result.

According to Total Space Design, “The minimalist approach to the interiors meant we were able to work with quality finishes allowing us to maximise on aesthetics and functionality while meeting budget.”

The project performs to exceptional levels acoustically and visually, proving no compromise is needed.

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