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Corpus Christi Theatre

Acoustic Design Takes Centre Stage.

A partnership of beauty and function sums up the Corpus Christi Theatre. This stunning, custom-built theatre showcases Decor’s state of the art design software and capabilities. The theatre needed to be both striking and elegant whilst creating opportunities for learning and incredible performances, enduring well into the future.

Being a theatre, the acoustics were critical. Decor panels create a pitch-perfect environment for both the performers and the audience.

Location50 Murdoch Drive, Bateman WA 6150
ArchitectsEIW Architects
PhotographySilverstone Photography
Traditional Custodians Of The LandThe Nyoongar people
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Requiring complex interplays, the theatre impresses with a blend of DecorZen, DecorStyle and DecorMilano solid, perforated and lineal grooved acoustic panels. WIth a complex design, each of these required different sizing and installation methods, creating a result that truly is unforgettable.

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