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Anzac Park Public School

Smart design strategies maximise space.

Anzac Park Public School was built to address a significant shortage in primary schools on the Lower North Shore in Sydney.

With the challenge to explore new and innovative education methods all in the compact urban setting of the former North Sydney Anzac Memorial Club, William Phelps of the Governments Architect’s Office designed a building for a large school population despite the tight spatial confines.

Four expansive stories and the transformation of existing bowling greens and games courts were utilised to achieve the space required.

Location2 Anzac Avenue, Cammeray, NSW
Traditional Custodians Of The LandThe Cammeraygal people.
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DecorLux was incorporated into the material palette for its robust, flexible, and high-performance qualities and was used extensively as a ceiling lining throughout each floor of the building and in the hall/outdoor play area.

Offering exceptional acoustic support was imperative from a teaching and learning point of view but also a critical consideration to address the impact of 1000 small voices on the surrounding residential areas.

Being resistant to mould and moisture and carrying a Group 1 Fire Rating meant DecorLux ticked all the boxes.

Smart design strategies were used to maximise space including the design of a multi-purpose roof terrace that is used for additional outdoor learning and play, and on the ground floor, raising fold-up doors that transform the space from a hall to a covered outdoor play area within minutes.

Aesthetic elements such as colour and wayfinding play a key role in creating impact within the smaller footprint too. A blue striped façade, for instance, offers a playful visual identity and clever wayfinding using the establishment of “colour neighbourhoods” creates a sense of identity for the students.

In essence, this project is a marriage of smart design elements to create maximum impact in the limited space.


Learning Environments (Australasia) NSW Chapter Awards, Category One: New Facility Construction – Entire Construction

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