Budget Acoustic Panels

A range of standard sizes with the most popular perforated and slotted patterns exists for savvy builders, architects and designers requiring 10 sheets or more. The modest prices do not reflect a compromise in quality, with all panels being pre-finished in a choice of colour and finish, holding GECA accreditation, comprehensive acoustic test results, and guaranteed for 10 years.

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Timber Panel Acclimatisation and Humidity

Timber panels, like other wood-based products and many other building materials, will respond to fluctuations in relative humidity and variations in temperature. Board dimensions are closely related to moisture content.

It is imperative that all timber-based panels are acclimatised in the immediate area in which they are to be installed for seven (7) days before installation. Panels should be split from the packing and placed around the room without any obstruction to hinder their capacity to ‘breathe’. You need to ensure evidence of this acclimatisation process is photographed and documented.

Room temperature and humidity levels should remain constant and conform with accepted building practices thus ensuring environmental stability and panel longevity. Areas that are exposed to higher than normal amounts of direct sunlight, moisture, humidity and any other special considerations should be referred to your Project Consultants at Decor Systems for project-specific advice.