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Soundscapes of Success - The Silent Heroes of Elite Sports Facilities

Published25 Oct 2023
Written ByRebecca Fox

Elite sports teams are constantly on the hunt for that elusive competitive edge, and their strategies span a wide spectrum, from the physical and psychological to the unconventional. One intriguing trend, notably pervasive among Australian football codes, revolves around a remarkable transformation in their training facilities. These venues are being elevated to new heights, ensuring that players and staff have access to the most cutting-edge resources, creating an environment that is conducive to peak performance.

Heffron Centre by CoOp Studio & ADCO Constructions

One such story of transformation and excellence is exemplified by the Penrith Panthers, a notable NRL club. In 2016, the club made a pioneering move in the league by investing a staggering $22 million into a state-of-the-art high-performance centre, situated right at their training ground. This visionary project was championed by the club's former Director of Football, Phil Gould, who, in doing so, not only secured the club's future but also set off a chain reaction among NRL clubs. A relentless competition unfolded as these clubs sought to outdo each other in creating the ultimate elite training environment.

Baldivis Recreation Centre by SITE Architecture & Crowthers Construction

Decor Systems, as a distinguished player in the acoustics space, has been privileged to be part of this transformative journey contributing to a multitude of prestigious facilities. Notable among these are the Clive Berghofer Centre (QLD), a bastion for the Brisbane Broncos, and the Heffron Centre (NSW), the beloved home of the Rabbitohs. However, the reach extends even further, touching various other sports and recreational venues that are setting new benchmarks for what it means to be exceptional in the realm of sporting facilities including the Baldivis District Sporting Complex (WA).

Now, let's delve into the unsung heroes of these sports facilities: acoustic panels. These unassuming components play a pivotal role, often behind the scenes, but their impact is profound. Their inclusion is far from an afterthought; it's essential for the attainment of goals related to high-performance standards, versatile utilisation, and overall safety.

Enhancing Performance

Acoustic panels are the quiet allies of athletes, working diligently to create an environment that encourages optimal performance. By taming noise and minimising echo, these panels enable athletes to sharpen their focus, improve communication with teammates and coaches, and operate at the zenith of their capabilities. This is especially crucial in sports where milliseconds can be the difference between victory and defeat, and where seamless teamwork is non-negotiable.

Versatile Use

The modern sports facility is a chameleon, transforming itself to host a myriad of events. From sports spectacles to concerts and community gatherings, these venues are expected to do it all. Acoustic panels, with their adaptable nature, come to the rescue, allowing venues to tune their acoustics to match the requirements of each activity. This versatility ensures that sports facilities remain at the heart of their communities, catering to a diverse range of interests.


Safety is paramount in the world of sports. Acoustic panels, by mitigating excessive noise and distractions, ensure that athletes can perform at their best, free from interruptions that could lead to accidents and injuries. In sports, where precision and concentration are the bedrock of success, these panels act as silent sentinels guarding against potential hazards.

Bay Pavilions (NSW)

Audience Experience

A sports facility is not just about the athletes; it's also about the fans. Acoustic panels significantly impact the audience's experience. By controlling noise and reverberation, these panels allow spectators to immerse themselves in the game, follow every play, relish crystal-clear announcements, and fully engage with the event. The result? An electrifying and unforgettable fan experience.

Cewood is a high-performing product for recreation and sports centres


Sports facilities operate within a web of regulations set by governing bodies. Acoustic compliance is a critical aspect of these regulations. It ensures a level playing field for athletes, offering consistent performance conditions and, most importantly, safeguarding the welfare of all participants.

Aesthetics and Branding

Acoustic panels do more than just control sound; they are also style statements. Decor panels can be customised to match the facility's aesthetics and branding. They not only serve a functional purpose but also contribute to the visual identity of the venue, creating a memorable atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on athletes and fans alike.

Community Relations

Sports facilities are often at the heart of their communities. Maintaining harmonious relations with the neighbours is of paramount importance. Effective noise management, facilitated by acoustic panels, goes a long way in reducing noise pollution and disturbances for nearby residents. This contributes to a sense of good community citizenship, fostering positive relationships and a sense of belonging.

In essence, acoustic panels are the unsung champions of sports facilities, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that these venues are conducive to peak performance, versatile in use, and safe for all. Their impact extends far beyond the world of sports, creating unforgettable experiences for athletes, fans, and communities.

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