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Acoustics In Auditoriums & Theatres

Published13 Jul 2021
Written ByRebecca Fox

Decor Systems are excited to bring to the Australian design community the innovative range of architectural systems from Arktura. For specialised and large-scale projects, the Arktura range offers cutting edge designs that not only enhance the sound quality of a space but act as a visual masterpiece.

For the discerning architect that is craving something new, Arktura offers a range of acoustic solutions, ceiling clouds and baffles, interior and exterior panel systems and building façades. Arktura is setting new standards in terms of design aesthetic, adaptability and product quality.

Arktura designs and manufactures out of its Los Angeles headquarters and Rotterdam facility and truly does marry the best of innovation in technology and visual appeal to create acoustic and decorative systems with wow factor.

Founded by three architects and former classmates with a mission to leverage cutting edge technology and software in combination with a deep understanding of design to push the boundaries of manufacturing, the range ticks all the boxes when it comes to design innovation.

Arktura x Decor Systems Partnership

Decor Systems have forged an exclusive partnership with Arktura to bring their range of products to the Australian market. Whilst the range is not suitable for every project, it opens up new possibilities for design creativity, particularly on larger-scale projects where a unique and impactful feature is required.

How to specify Arktura

The best way to specify Arktura is to view the range below then get in touch with one of our experts. Once you have a vision, our specialised team can assist you in bringing it to life.

The Arktura Range

The Arktura range can be broken down into the following categories

  • Acoustic Panels
  • Ceiling Baffles
  • Ceiling Clouds
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Wall Panels
  • Partitions
  • Exterior Systems

Within these categories, you will find a range of innovative systems. Here's a quick overview of each of them.


Atmosphera builds on Arktura’s experience designing and manufacturing custom solutions to deliver a dynamic, scalable, and affordable family of modular ceiling systems. Choose from linear, organic, and faceted designs, available in a wide range of colours.


Whether using one module or many, the SoftGrid family of ceiling elements opens up a multitude of possibilities for design and acoustical impact. Choose your pattern from the SoftGrid library and rely on this simple-to-assemble, easy-to-hang approach that works with most ceiling types. Modules can be used as a singular feature or connected with our bridge clips to create a dynamic architectural field.


The complex interaction of variables lends power to design. Using Soft Sound acoustical material and dimensional patterning, SoftFold achieves acoustical dampening while creating a subtle play between light and shadow. 


SoundBar acoustical baffle & lighting system deliver high-performance noise reduction and sleek integrated illumination in a single cost-effective, versatile product. Choose from an assortment of lengths, widths, and depths, in Up, Down, or Duo lighting configurations, with power integrated into its suspension cable, simplifying installation and removing the unsightly clutter of cords.

Its Arktura Soft Sound acoustical material construction makes SoundBar capable of achieving NRC ratings of up to 1.15. Units are available in a wide range of colours, including wood textures, and can be easily mixed and arranged as desired to achieve an endless array of dynamic layouts. Use SoundBar to bring an impactful combination of style and function to your next project.


SoundEdge ceiling system offers flexible building blocks to easily achieve enhanced acoustical performance and design effects. Its modular single fin design, available in a multitude of lengths and depths, is easy to install and can be mixed and matched in numerous configurations. SoundEdge is constructed from our Soft Sound acoustical material to drastically reduce sound reverberation.


SoundAngle ceiling system offers a perfectly scalable way to add dimensionality and high-performance sound attenuation to any space. Its angled faces reduce noise from all directions through the use of sound attenuating Soft Sound acoustical material. Combine as many or as few of its singular V-shaped baffles as desired for a project with ease.


SoftSpan is a highly versatile, innovative acoustic baffle system that delivers the look of coffered ceilings or large timber trellises without the weight, all while reducing the impact of noise across any interior space. Softspan is available in various colours and finishes to fit any design vision. Choose from a library of options to find a match to complement and enhance your space, including a lineup of Soft Sound Wood Textures to replicate the character and warmth of timber ceiling trellises. Discover how SoftSpan can enhance your next project.


Vapor ceiling system achieves modern expression through the abstract pattern. Its subtle complexity lends visual interest across large spans and multiple spaces. Add an optional backer, select from acoustically performative and beautiful Soft Sound® material or close off the system with a light-transmitting frosted polycarbonate backer.


VaporSoft makes it easy to achieve dramatic visual effects while enhancing acoustic performance at any scale. Its seamlessly tileable pattern options absorb sound and reduce reverberation. Using Soft Sound acoustical material, the range is available in a wide array of colours and wood textures. Add available options and accessories such as Arktura's integrated InLine or Backlight lighting, acoustic and translucent backers, and the design opportunities are endless.


Trace introduces subtle visual interest inspired by the ephemeral beauty of mist or cirrus clouds—continuous strands weave through a grid to yield a truly elegant visual pattern. The quiet simplicity of the design makes it an ideal background for large spans and multiple rooms.

Delta Drop

Delta Drop uses faceted geometry to transform the visual possibilities for tiled ceiling systems. These preconfigured modules can achieve a variety of looks through variations in pattern, faceting, and panel size.


Particle micro-perforated ceiling and wall panel system offers the same ease of install and scalability that is seen across the Arktura range. Its intricate yet subtle complexity lends visual interest to spaces big and small and will have people looking twice. Add depth and performance with sound attenuating non-woven acoustic fabric or light-transmitting frosted polycarbonate backers, or seamlessly integrate Arktura InLine or Backlight illumination to make your design truly shine.


SoftPlanes by Arktura offers seamless, subtle ceiling landscapes with real acoustical benefits. The visual interest of SoftPlanes is enhanced by Soft Sound acoustical material. SoftPlanes allows for an effortless install with nearly full ceiling coverage while enlivening closed lid ceilings with a complex, tessellated pattern.


SoftScreen acoustic wall panels make it easy to dramatically define spaces and aesthetics while reducing the impact of noise, at any scale. Made from high-performance sound attenuating Soft Sound material, SoftScreen panels are available in a variety of patterns and colours, including wood textures, all able to be mixed and matched as desired. Choose from a number of install options, including direct mount, cable suspension, or sliding with a track and trolley system. Whatever your needs, SoftScreen elegantly enhances spaces and establishes privacy with ease.


Encode your building facade or interior surfaces with meaning through Arktura’s customisable Graphic Perf family of panel systems. Arktura’s proprietary, algorithmic software systems and manufacturing expertise make Graphic Perf the way to inscribe any image, text, or pattern into panels tailored to your design vision.


The Alluvia Custom family of products is a preconfigured ceiling system that combines vertical elements to generate unique topographies in space. Each variation makes reference to nature and landscape, offering a refined, textural aesthetic that is full of depth. With changing vantage points, Alluvia Custom produces shifting views that add energy and movement to the room.


TriSoft ceiling system makes it easy to add faceted dimensionality and quiet elegance to interiors. Its triangular faceted pyramid faces are composed of Soft Sound acoustical material with a metal substructure. Mix and match TriSoft’s available modules and nodes as building blocks to build faceted straight field layouts scalable to any sized space. With a variety of colour options and specially engineered attachment brackets, TriSoft is designed for maximum impact, flexibility, convenience, and acoustic performance.


The SoundStar ceiling system’s hexagonally shaped cellular baffles offer a scalable way to add geometric dimensionality and disrupt sound’s ability to travel across a space. Its design incorporates angled surfaces made from Soft Sound acoustical material to dampen noise in every direction. Thanks to its flexible, modular configuration, SoundStar can adapt to a range of spaces and design visions. The system is available in a variety of colours. 


In Arktura's Sphera ceiling system, cloud-like groupings of rings create visual interest through an interplay of organic and geometric design cues. Play with its repeated circular shapes at varying depths and orientations to morph your design pattern, and allow this easy-to-install, wire-suspended system to redefine all types of space - from the smallest reception areas to the widest open spans.


Arktura’s Switch 48 is a carefully composed collection of aluminium rods held in three-dimensional space. The preconfigured modules create a fine-grained, multidimensional layer of pattern and colour and can be easily suspended at different heights and in many configurations using their quick connect system. Contact us today to discuss how you can use Arktura to create spaces that look good and feel even better to be in.

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