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Redlands College

A New Precedent in State-of-the-Art Learning Facilities.

The Learning Hub at Redlands College on Sydney's North Shore has set a new precedent in terms of state-of-the-art learning facilities.

The four-level building provides learning and teaching rooms for Maths, English, Social Sciences, Innovative Design and Visual Arts and there is an educational space for sustainability subjects in the roof-top garden.

Location272 Military Road, Cremorne, NSW
ArchitectsTKD Architects
BuilderICHOR Constructions
InstallationEpic Interiors
PhotographyMichael Spinoglio
Traditional Custodians Of The LandThe Cammeraygal people
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High-performance acoustic linings were required and DecorTrend and DecorLini were selected, flowing from internal communal spaces through to external walkways.

The design provides flexibility for teaching and learning by connecting large spaces via operable walls associated with flexible breakout areas, again highlighting the importance of sound acoustic management.

Environmentally sustainable initiatives were incorporated into the design and the products supplied by Decor Systems were GECA certified. They were also Group 1 fire rated.

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In addition to the original specification, additional elements were added to the project including fabric panels and blackbutt timber slats. Decor Systems took initiative outside of the initial scope of work by providing samples and prototypes for the additional elements – a reflection of the flexible, proactive, and collaborative Decor Systems approach.

Shop drawings were approved on the 19th of December with product required on-site on the 18th of January the following year prior to the commencement of term one. The Decor Systems team worked throughout the summer break to ensure that the product was delivered in time.

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