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Brighton Secondary School

At Decor Systems, every project is different. Very often we work with designers to develop custom details, finishes and complex installation methods. However, we also have a curated range of ‘off the shelf’ products that look excellent and perform to exceptional standards. 

Thomson Rossi specified DecorZen, DecorEagle and DecorStyle in profiles from our core range. The standard profiles were paired with a Burnie Blackwood SmartLook laminate to create an acoustic environment that fuels learning and collaboration but that also looks outstanding. 

Location305 Brighton Rd, North Brighton SA 5048
ArchitectsThomson Rossi
Traditional Custodians Of The LandThe Kaurna people
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The use of a variety of profiles including the slender linear finish of DecorEagle, alongside solid DecorStyle panels and perforated DecorZen panels adds texture and interest to the space whilst maximising sound absorption.

The decision to maintain the same finish on all the selected products creates a visually impactful space where the walling becomes the standout feature.

This project demonstrates that custom finishes or profiles are not necessary in creating a “wow-worthy” design.

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