Top projects that Utilise Perforated Metal Panels as Wall lining

Top projects that Utilise Perforated Metal Panels as Wall lining

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Top projects that Utilise Perforated Metal Panels as Wall lining

May 9 2016

Metal is often reserved for external use, often being overlooked for interiors by timber and plasters. Yet the diversity and versatility of metal can offer an industrial styling that is the envy of contemporary designers and architects alike.

The beauty of the Bespoke metal panels for your wall lining is its ability to create beautiful lighting effects designed to dazzle.

We feel it is only right to give this humble building material a respecful look and share some of the most beautiful wall linings made out of metal panels from around the world.

1. Aoba-tei Restaurant –  Sendai, Japan

Aoba-tei Restaurant is a French restaurant located in Sendai, Japan and was designed by Hitoshi Abe constructed in 2005.  Its inner walls are made of thin steel plates to work around the concept of “soft boundary surface.”

Decor Systems Perforated Metals- Aoba-tei-Restaurant Sendai JapanSource:  ArchiTravel

2.  Kaufmann Stadium – Kansas

The renovation for the Kaufman Stadium in Kansas was led by Popoulus architects, effectively using perforated stainless steel panels to create the Royals logo on its surface. Peforated steel panels covers the entire building  creating a mesh-like façade (which provides for controlled lighting and air flow) and gives an aesthetic value to the overall design.

DecorSystems Perforated Metals - Kaufmann Stadium KansasSource: Zahner

3. Morocco Mall – Casablanca

The Morocco Mall situated in the outskirts of Casablanca has a dome made out of perforated metal sheets . The metal sheets were oxidized and treated to give it a “bronze look.”

Decor Systems Perforated Metals - Morocco Mall Casablanca

Source: Oxidal Bagno

4.  National Automobile Museum – Turin

The Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile was founded in 1960 but was renovated in 2011, with a totally different look from its original state. Designed by Cino Zucci Architetti, Recchi Engineering and Proger, the entire building is clad in panels of perforated steel and glass.

Decor Systems Perforated Metals -National Automobile Museum Turin

Source: Open Buildings

5.  Pratt Institute Of Architecture – New York

The Film and Video Department of the Pratt Institute of Architecture located at Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn was created by a team led by Architect Jack Esterson making use of a series of perforated metal panels that cover the entire lobby up to the first and second floors.

Decor Systems Perforated Metals - Pratt Institute School of Architecture New York

Source: Pratt

6. Château de Cangé – Saint Avertin, France

The Château de Cangé in Saint Avertin, France is an old Mediatheque castle that has been rehabilitated by RMFRmade use of perforated metals as a façade.

Decor Systems Perforated Metals - Chateau_de_Cange_13-RGB-300dpi-Medi_660


7. One Workplace Headquarters – Sta Clara, California

The One Workplace office in California designed by Design Blitz makes use of perforated panel metals as its façade that enhances different shadow lighting.

Decor Systems Perforated Metals - One Workplace California

Source: Pinterest

8. Wayside Chapel, Sydney

Designed by noted environmental architect, Tone Wheeler of Environa Studio, the redevelopment of this Sydney icon features a bespoke perforated metal facade that highlights the Wayside ethos: Love over Hate

Decor Systems Australia strategic partner, Arrow Metal Systems worked closely with the designers to incorporate the Wayside crest into the perforated panels, the outcome being a tribute to the creativity of the architect, the resourcefulness of the fabricator, and the benevolence of the Wayside Chapel institution in its services to the disadvantaged in our community.

This project was a deserving winner of the gold medal, Francis Greenway Society Green Building award.

Bespoke perforated metal feature wall by Decor Systems at Wayside Chapel, Sydney



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