Workspace and Productivity

Workspace and Productivity

Workspace and Productivity

February 26 2014

Julian Treasure is a sound and communication expert whose mission is to help people and organisations to listen better and create a healthier and more effective sound, including speaking. In his online seminar on “Workspace and Productivity”, Treasure discusses the direct impact that sound has on a workplace and how it affects us every day.

With open-plan offices becoming the norm, it is imperative that designers take sound management into consideration when designing office environments.

Reduction in creativity, physical discomfort and decreased productivity over the day are all caused by too much noise – not ideal when we spend such a great deal of time in the office!

“Most office soundscapes are accidental and unproductive and problematic noise is rarely recognised or dealt with,” Julian Treasure

The key issues discussed throughout the webinar include:

  • The 5 most common mistakes in workspaces
  • Ways in which an office can be too loud or too quiet
  • The effects of noise on health
  • The world’s worst sound for productivity
  • How to triple your effectiveness in a noisy office
Picture of an office space

CocaCola Head Office, Sydney


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