What does NRC mean?

What does NRC mean?

January 28 2015

The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is the measurement of how much sound is absorbed by a given material. It is a simple number index range from 0 to 1 which represents the % of sound that is not reflected of the material, in most cases the structural materials and surface finishes, back into the room.

A high NRC rating indicates that the material of choice is absorbing the sound which ‘deadens’ the sound in the room.

A Low NRC rating indicates that the material is not absorbing sound, and is generally found in hard reflective surfaces, i.e. tiles and glass.

The NRC rating of the materials used on the walls and ceilings will contribute to the sound landscape, and with a higher NRC rating, there will be less airborne noise transmissions.

NRC ratings are determined via scientific testing of the given materials in a controlled environment. Decor Systems is more than happy to discuss the required NRC rating for your next project and show you our Acoustic Test Results.


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