Vogl: helping you breathe easy

Vogl: helping you breathe easy

Vogl: helping you breathe easy

October 24 2013

Where ever people gather, whether for work or play, it’s not just the noise level that increases but also emission levels will rise.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals which are always present in any building and include both human-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds. Most scents or odours are of VOCs.  There are many different sources of VOCs, paint, furniture, carpets to name but a few.

The Vogl Adsorber Panel is a highly efficient perforated acoustic ceiling panel manufactured from plaster board with the additional added performance of air cleansing properties.

This system for emission reduction is applicable on all types of Vogl perforated panels and is based on the technology of the absorptive effect of the element Zeolith which is a natural element present in nature.

This absorption characteristic has been used for many years in chemical catalyser processes. This same principle of reducing pollution within the indoor environment is also used in the Vogl Absorber Panel.

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