The Decor Legacy

The Decor Legacy

April 24 2017

Decor Systems is a long established family run business and has been built on generations of hard work and innovation. From the one man self-run business to the large team of passionate employees it has today, Decor Systems has grown to become a leader within its industry and each member of the Faulkes family has contributed to the success of the company in their own way. All beginning with current Managing Director David Faulkes’ father, Robert Faulkes.

Robert Faulkes studied accountancy in his younger years, later moving into business management. Throughout the 1960s he played a leading role in one of the largest roofing contractors in Australia at the time, Roof and Building Services, which boasted offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong.

Early 1960s. Sam Harry, founder of Roof and Building Services (middle), Ray Harry, son of Sam and National Group General Manager (left), and Robert Faulkes (right).

In 1971, Robert moved on from Roof and Building Services into the ownership of a wholesale hardware business called ‘Aldex Distributors’. Here is where Robert’s young son David had his first taste of the family business, spending his school holidays sweeping factory floors and doing odd jobs for his father. Within the wholesale hardware business managed by Robert was a product known as the ‘DecorVent’, and when Aldex was sold in 1979 Robert used this product as the foundation of his new business ‘DecorVent Industries’. Producing and supplying DecorVent sheets was the extent of the business from 1979 until Robert’s passing in 1982.

Early DecorVent Industries flyer


Robert’s son David took over the business in 1982 at the age of 20. Having only one other employee working part time at that point, it meant David was the number one and number 100. Doing everything from answering the phone to running the machines. The business grew slowly from cold calling construction sites and building relationships with specialist contractors to find where new jobs may be.

It wasn’t until the 1990s when David began to branch out and expand the product range. Identifying a hole in the market, DecorVent Industries began buying slotted plywood panels externally and reselling them to their clients. In 1999 the business received an order to supply 8000 square metres of  their product ‘DecorZen’ to the Sydney Olympic Shooting Centre for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. This was the turning point for the business that gave impetus to invest in new technologies and product developments. These new technologies and products lead to many landmark projects including the Canberra Parliament House and Sydney Airport.

In 2008 the next generation of the family began working, David’s son Mitchell. With a passion for generating ideas and problem solving, Mitchell brought a fresh perspective to the business now known as ‘Decor Systems’. Always trying to push the limits of design and helping his clients be completely satisfied with the finish product.

It is this constant challenging of the modus operandi combined with the generations of solid work ethic has made Decor Systems the market leader they are today and will keep them motivated to pioneer for many more years.