The advantages of using plasterboard in construction

The advantages of using plasterboard in construction

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The advantages of using plasterboard in construction

August 4 2016

One of the most widely-used product in constructing ceiling and wall interiors is plasterboard, also known as gypsum board. Though introduced in the 1940’s, plasterboard has been the most popular material used over the centuries.

Plasterboard has also been known to be the most versatile materials because of its flexibility and its plasticity. Plasterboard is easy to be shaped or moulded to any design.

Other advantages include:

Simple to install

Installing plasterboard is easy. They are lightweight and safer to handle, reducing the risks of injury. It provides for a clean, safe and simple installation process.

Reasonably priced

If you are on a tight budget, plasterboard is the only way to go.  It’s affordable but at the same time, it provides a high quality standard for construction.

Low Environmental impact

Most plasterboards are made from sustainable resources and recyclable materials. Some plasterboards are even made out of 45% waste recycled materials. It also provides for a very healthy living environment and is free of hazardous chemicals.

Fire resistant

Plasterboards, are made of crystals which has a small amount of water. During a fire, the water is driven down. This helps to keep the temperature down which in turn slows down the spread of fire.

Easy to repair

It is fairly easy to repair plasterboards.  You do not even need to buy complicated tools. It is also adaptable. It can easily be moved or transferred for changes in the layout and for renovation.



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