The 5 Stunning Curved Walls And Ceiling We Love

The 5 Stunning Curved Walls And Ceiling We Love

The 5 Stunning Curved Walls And Ceiling We Love

September 19 2016

1. Designed by TKD Architects, the SCEGGs interim library is an expansion on the primary and secondary school libraries. A key focal point of this new area is the mezzanine floor with its large sweeping ceiling, which is curved to appear like a rolling wave. Product installed: DecorTrend. *Photo taken by Sarah Rowlands

Curving ceiling representing rolling wave at SCEGG built with Decor Systems ceiling panels

2. Curved panels made from DecorLini painted in Metallic Finish created a wall that are not only visually striking but also acoustically superior in the lecture theatre of James Cook University

Architectural photography of new JCU Lecture Theatre

3. DecorLini acoustic wall panels were installed extensively throughout Queensland Institute of Medical Research to create a quiet ambience for the scientist to concentrate on their works. Decorlini was also chosen by Wilson Architects for its linear smart look and flexibility in design, especially around curved walls.

DecorLini acoustic Curved walls by Decor Systems at QIMR

4. A combination between DecorZen and DecorLini forms a series of curved walls that bring natural warmth into this research facility.


5. Curved walls made from perforated acoustic panels DecorZen create a stylish and smart look for an office environment, at the same time help improving its acoustic quality.

HBF House Perth 4


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