Benefits Of Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Benefits Of Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Benefits Of Acoustic Ceiling Panels

August 27 2018


Quality acoustic control in an office space is imperative when it comes to productivity.

Used properly, acoustic ceiling panels help to reduce echoes and provide a better atmosphere for conversation or work.

In addition to improving sound quality, suspended acoustic ceiling panels are also easy to install, give easy access to important utilities and improve the design of your space.

Suspended acoustic ceiling panels come in many forms, sizes and styles. Whether you’re choosing them for their looks or solely for their acoustical benefits, you’ll see the same great results.

How Acoustic Ceiling Panels Work


Acoustic ceiling panels can be suspended from the ceiling to absorb a large portion of sound and prevent sound waves from rebounding back into the room and creating noise. This reduction in reverberation reduces overall sound allowing people to converse easily.

Acoustic panels can cover the entirety of a room, or they can be suspended strategically over specific areas, such as seating areas, service desks or quiet conversation nooks. Hanging acoustic ceiling baffles above these types of areas helps facilitates better conversation.

Acoustic ceiling panels can come in many forms:

Traditional suspended ceiling panels hang from a grid that crisscrosses the room, while newer ceiling panels can be suspended by cables to bring style and interest to the room.

For example, acoustic slats, such as the ones in the image above, have the appearance of real wood. They can be hung from any type of ceiling to enhance not only the acoustics but the décor, as well.

Additional Benefits


While there are several ways to control the acoustics in a room, many designers opt for suspended ceiling panels over wall panel options, perhaps for the added benefits these panels bring.

A traditional dropped ceiling gives you quick and easy access to utilities above. The panels can be lifted and removed as needed to reach through the ceiling. Traditional dropped ceiling panels can also cover an existing ceiling. For older spaces that may have issues or in lofts with concrete or incomplete ceilings, acoustic panels offer a finished look.


Suspended ceiling panels can bring a high ceiling down. This makes the space cozier and easier to heat and cool. It also helps eliminate a lot of the echoes and other sound issues that can occur with a very high ceiling.



While older dropped ceilings are not considered the most stylish, new decorative acoustic ceiling panels have a range of looks that will make your old ceiling look new.

Products like perforated acoustic panels can be arranged in different shapes to create a unique ceiling. Or bespoke panels can be created to give your space a personalized look as they let you choose the color, shape and material, letting you create a product that complements the rest of your décor.

You can achieve perfect acoustic control while still ensuring a cohesive interior design.

Control Sound in Your Space


No matter where you need sound control, acoustic ceiling panels can help. Suspend them in small areas or cover an entire ceiling. Choose something decorative that will catch the eye or use something unobtrusive that will fade into the background. No matter what you decide, you’ll get better sound control and beautiful design.

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