DecorZen Micro

DecorZen Micro

Acoustic Panels


Timber micro-perforated acoustic panels are highly selective for sound absorption and have excellent sound absorption performance for medium and low frequencies.

DecorZen Micro-perforated sound-absorbing panels are made from high-quality substrates, they are environmentally friendly and incredibly robust and impact resistant. A wide choice of finishes meets the diverse acoustic and decorative needs of the most discerning designer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Seamless appearance
  • Flexibility in design
  • Continuous perforations mean panels can easily be cut on-site
  • Ideal for wall and ceiling applications
  • Easy and quick to install with our DecorMount concealed fixing systems
  • DecorSorb integrated acoustic backing
  • Pre-finished for easier installation on site

SUPERIOR ACOUSTICS | NRC Values of up to 0.85

Excellent acoustical performance is a vital aspect of any space. DecorZen Micro acoustical panels and planks attain Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) values of up to 0.85 and thus provide exceptional sound absorption.


EASE & FLEXIBILITY | Highly Customizable & Fully Engineered

Realising complex design intent while retaining functionality can be a challenging task. Decor Systems delivers both through full-service project management and top of the line products. DecorZen Micro acoustic panels are fully engineered for a precise fit and delivered on-site ready for installation.


Design and Specifications:

DecorZen Micro panels consist of microperforated natural wood veneer laminated to a timber substrate core and DecorSorb integrated Acoustic textile laminated to the backside of the panel. Perforations are a nominal 0.50mm and spaced horizontally and vertically. DecorZen Micro panels can be used for wall or ceiling applications.

DecorZen Micro panels are available in a range of wood grain laminates – refer below.



Fire Retardant (FR) panel systems are a critical consideration for all wall and ceiling systems – no matter how simple or complex. Decor Systems have a wide range of systems that are engineered to meet the most stringent industry fire standards. We offer a range of fire-resistant wall and ceiling acoustic panel selections to meet the compliance, design and functional elements of your project.

Our team of specialists will direct you and offer up-front professional advice that will ensure you are fully compliant to the Building Code of Australia, without having to compromise the creative schematics you have in mind.




BioPanel ZapX is a proven, patented treatment that may be applied to all Decor Systems Acoustic Panels and guarantees the eradication of ‘super-bugs’. Test results conducted on Staphylococcus aereus, confirmed an instant 100% kill rate. Download the BioPanel ZapX brochure

Access Panel Integration


Access Panels can be integrated with this product. Contact Decor Systems for more information.


Decor Systems is an acknowledged signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. We are committed to addressing the following issues in our business:

  • Environmental and Social sustainability.
  • Anti-Corruption and Governance.
  • Sustainable Development.
  • Supply Chain Sustainability.

The UN Global Compact is a call to companies to align their strategies and operations with universal principles on sustainability, anti-slavery, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions to advance societal goals – such as the Sustainable Development Goals.


Australia Trusted Trader

Decor Systems has been accredited by the Australian Government as an Australian Trusted Trader.

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Administered by the Department of Home Affairs with the Australian Border Force, Trusted Trader audits and certifies Australian businesses with compliant trade practices and a secure supply chain.

The Australian Trusted Trader logo is recognised internationally and adds confidence in Australian traders, and the security of their supply chain.