Presbyterian Ladies College DecorSlat and DecorTrend ceiling

Presbyterian Ladies College DecorSlat and DecorTrend ceiling

DecorSlat linear timber planks by Decor Systems

Presbyterian Ladies College DecorSlat and DecorTrend ceiling

May 31 2016

The recently renovated Senior College facility at Presbyterian Ladies College, Perth was installed with DecorSlat and DecorTrend acoustic ceilings throughout the whole facility.

Designed by the renowned Perth architecture firm Marcus Collins Architects and built by PSS Structures, Decor Systems acoustic ceilings were chosen because of the diversity of our product range. We have from slotted panels to slatted timber that fit the requirements of the architects in all areas, whether they are class rooms, meeting rooms or common areas. We also have acoustic testing to back up all our products that were supplied, which was a key requirement for the project.

However, the key factor that contributed to the success of this project is Decor Systems attitudes toward perfection. We left nothing to chances. We supplied the clients and architects with samples of all panels, so they knew exactly what they were getting. We then did a full set of shop drawing to ensure we covered everything before going ahead with manufacturing the panels.  The results…our panels were delivered in full, on time, with no defects.

Marcus Collins Architects was a delight to work with, as the architects can see the big picture and recognise the value of utilising acoustic panels to achieve sound quality, especially in an educational institution such as the Presbyterian College.

Project facts:

Products: DecorSlat and DecorTrend Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Architects: Marcus Collins Architects

Builders: PS Structures

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