Vikings Club

Vikings Club


AMC projects have completed a spectacular revitalization of the Vikings Club, located in Canberra. This hub of local social events, is a key sporting club house for the local teams, and is now a modern place to dine.

This stunning walkway leads into the bar dining, framed with DecorTone from the Decor Systems Collection in a Western Red Cedar, providing a combination of pleasing aesthetics and good acoustics.

Built into this wall are a service counter, two small promotional televisions and a bar at the end of the DecorTone walkway. Surrounded by hard surfaces, including tiled flooring and glass panels, the DecorTone diffuser panels deliver a solution to reverberating noise from the local diners enjoying the clubs atmosphere.

The craftsmanship on installing these panels was by Capezio & Co Pty Ltd with all DecorTone panels made in our Australian based factory. All panels are carefully crafted and quality controlled to ensure the final product is only the best.