UniLodge Lincoln House, Carlton, VIC

UniLodge Lincoln House, Carlton, VIC

UniLodge Lincoln House, Carlton, VIC

DecorSlat Max, DecorStyle

The fitout in the UniLodge Lincoln House was focused on maximising space and enhancing the well-known community vibe in this residential building.

Featured in the main communal areas is a surreal 3-Dimensional timber slatted ceiling constructed from real timber. The boundaries of engineering and material pliability were stretched to realize this complex design intent.

Decor Systems handcrafted 607 3D shapes utilising revolutionary techniques to deliver the designers vision on time and within budget. Specially engineered fittings were used to suspend the droppers and hold the geometry of the ceiling shape while delivering the desired floating effect.

The aesthetic and functional solutions of DecorStyle and DecorSlat Max demonstrate a blending of both form and function.

Meeting all of the project objectives, the end result is a beautiful wood ceiling and warm timber aesthetic to this student accommodation facility.

Decor Systems have the capability and custom product range to accommodate virtually any design intent, which makes specifying and installation process easy and efficient.

See what the engineer of this project has to say about working with DecorSystems. Easy to work with, on style, excellent materials and on budget is always the excellence we always strive for.