Uni Of Wollongong

Uni Of Wollongong

DecorSlat, DecorZen

Designed by Rene Deobenitz at Graeme Bell Bowman, the new Sciences Building at the University of Wollongong were installed with DecorSlat Max and DecorZen acoustic ceilings.

DecorSlat Max features beams that are lightweight and versatile, providing the look and style of solid timber, but eliminating the need for expensive framing and support systems and simultaneously offering simple and cost-effective on-site installation.

DecorSlat Max was chosen to use throughout the thoroughfares of the centre because the product works well with the building high ceiling. It enables interesting lighting system installed between the beams. The slatted ceiling also allows easy access to the ceiling without having to build additional access panels, according to Ms. Deobenitz.

Manufactured from a lightweight Honeycomb cardboard substrate with a timber look face, these DecorSlat beams are guaranteed to add a ‘WOW’ factor to any large expanse or high traffic area where both looks and acoustic performance are the essential criteria.

For the large laboratory facility of the centre, DecorZen perforated acoustic panels were chosen to help controlling noise and improving the room acoustic quality.

Ms. Deobenitz contributed to the success of the project to the team at Decor Systems and their solutions-driven attitudes. Ms. Deobenitz had a design in mind, she discussed it with Decor Systems. The next thing...a full-scale product sample in the size of roughly 2m x 3m panel arrived at her office, delivered personally by the product manager.

"I really enjoy working with Trish Nicholls, your Client Support Manager," said Ms. Deobenitz. "Trish always have solutions, even for product development that was deemed impossible by other suppliers".