Toyota Headquarters

Toyota Headquarters


The new Toyota headquarters, located in Kewdale, Western Australia, is a sleek, modern testament to the Toyota branding and company mission.

To complete the design, a large boardroom was built for team conferences and meetings. Working closely with Roxby Architects, Decor Systems helped solve the acoustic problems associated with such a large open area. The use of SmartLook acoustic panels in a Limed American Oak finish, successfully completed the board room design in a sleek fashion, and created a room where all team members can be comfortably accommodated for.

Additionally, the communal kitchen ceiling has SmartLook Panels in a Blanket White finish, as this is a small area with high traffic. The use of acoustic panels in the kitchenette/lunchroom helps to alleviate the impact of noise on team members during their break, as well as contributing nicely to the decor.

This project is a great use of SmartLook acoustic panels, located in different areas, to help create a harmonious workplace for the Toyota team.

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