St Rita’s College, Clayfield, Qld

St Rita’s College, Clayfield, Qld

St Rita’s College, Clayfield, Qld

DecorSlat, Vogl

This is a project that demonstrates the versatility of the Decor Systems range!

Consisting of a new 5000sqm 5-storey Learning Precinct including learning areas, auditorium, large foyer, drama studios, performance spaces, music tutorial, and practice rooms, this project ls a living showcase of Decor Systems at its best!

Brad White, our dedicated Project Consultant visited site on a weekly basis to inspect the installation, advise on any design questions and attended numerous meetings re design input for penetrations within our products and help with technical advice for the Vogl and Vogl Fuchsia.

The bespoke DecorSlat panels were a challenge, but Brad again assisted with advice as to install and best practice to eliminate and reduce any risk or issues. Comprehensive shop drawings proved invaluable in this project as panels were manufactured to accommodate shapes, doorways and raked ceilings.

The final outcome is a credit to all parties!