Singleton Hospital Redevelopment, NSW

Singleton Hospital Redevelopment, NSW

Singleton Hospital Redevelopment, NSW


The $7 million infrastructure investment into Singleton Hospital involves the expansion of the west wing of the existing hospital for new clinical areas over two levels including:

  • Community Health consultation rooms – consultation rooms for visiting specialists including cardiology, orthopaedics, renal, gynaecology, ear nose and throat, ophthalmology, mental health, sexual health, drug and alcohol, community detoxification, methadone outreach, and women’s health services.
  • Imaging Department consisting of x-ray, CT scanner, Ultrasound, Mammogram and Dental X-Ray machines. Hunter Valley Imaging operates all but the general x-ray in the Imaging Department under a partnership with the District.
  • Renal Unit consisting of six dialysis chairs.

Team Decor Systems were delighted to work together with the innovators from SHAC Architects and North Constructions to deliver bespoke DecorTrend slotted timber acoustic panels for the ceiling areas.

Many of the panels were of irregular shape, requiring careful attention to ensure that panel borders were continuous from sheet to sheet.

As a public health facility, it was critical that the DecorTrend panels were totally compliant with the Building Code of Australia. Needless to say, every box was ticked relating to fire codes, acoustic certifications, and sustainability.