Seaview High School, SA

Seaview High School, SA

Seaview High School, SA


Over the past couple of years, Decor Systems have collaborated on several exciting projects with Stallard Meek Flightpath, the innovative architecture practice based in Adelaide’s central suburb of Norwood including Hutt Street Centre and most recently, Seaview High School.

Seaview High School saw both refurbishments and new builds taking place on the Seacombe Heights campus to better cater to modern learning.

An existing building was refurbished to provide contemporary learning areas including spaces to deliver STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and a new two-level multi-purpose creative space was built from the ground up.

Within the new multi-purpose creative space is a performance space, which includes rehearsal workshops and amenities and features Decor Systems throughout. The acoustic system was supplied to ensure optimal sound conditions within the space.

DecorZen was specified and creates impact with an unapologetic feeling in the large and expansive space. Matching edging was also supplied to all four sides of the panels, which is an optional extra but looks fantastic and demonstrates the attention to detail that Stallard Meek Flightpath exercises in their designs.

DecorSorb was supplied to the back of the DecorZen panels to achieve maximum sound absorption, which is of course imperative in a space used for learning and performing.

A big thank you to the team at Stallard Meek Flightpath for yet another terrific project.

For information on DecorZen or this project, please get in touch with one of our team.