ResMed, the leading specialists in sleep-disorders, built a state of the art facility, located in Bella Vista. This building houses 5 levels of research labs, engineering rooms and doctors’ offices, all working towards assisting patients with respiratory disorders.

Decor Systems DecorTrend panels are an essential element to the complete design, created by Toland Architecture. Robert Toland specified for the balustrades to be lined with steamed European Beech, to assist with the echoing noise residing in the vast atrium. The acoustic panels also lined the ceilings over the walkways that connect the two sides of the building.

Additionally, steamed European Beech DecorTrend panels have been used in the large cafeteria, the lobby and the small open area waiting rooms. Graham Wheatley from Peter Zlatar Installers carefully installed over 900m2 of DecorTrend Acoustic Panels.

ResMed is one of our earlier projects; however the panels still look at new as the day they were installed.