Redlands Learning Hub, NSW

Redlands Learning Hub, NSW

Redlands Learning Hub, NSW

DecorLini, DecorTrend

The new Learning Hub at Redlands College on Sydney's North Shore has set a new precedent in terms of state of the art learning facilities.

The four-level building provides learning and teaching rooms for Maths, English, Social Sciences, Innovative Design and Visual Arts. In addition, there is an educational space for sustainability subjects on the roof-top garden.

With hundreds of students using the building each day across a number of different classes, it was imperative that the acoustics were managed effectively. DecorTrend and DecorLini were used extensively throughout each floor, both internally and externally, to provide the second-to-none sound management that was required.

The Redlands College Learning Hub delivers an innovative environment for students and teachers, based on state-of-the-art educational design principles and we are thrilled to see Decor Systems products were selected and used so extensively throughout.

View the video feature below to view and learn more about this project.