Qantas Transit Lounge Perth,WA

Qantas Transit Lounge Perth,WA

Qantas Transit Lounge Perth,WA


Decor Systems, Vogl Plasterboard and Qantas – all here for the long haul!  Architect: Sumu Design

Qantas, Perth Airport, and the Western Australian Government have made a significant investment in Perth International Airport, upgrading the facilities to support the comfort and enjoyment of all travellers on their airline. To achieve this, Qantas enlisted the expertise of Sumu Design to design the fitout of the Perth Qantas International Transit Lounge. The brief was, simply, to make sure this new lounge facility was the best in its best in class and customer focused.


This game-changing facility is provided for passengers on the 17-hour Qantas Dreamliner flight Perth to London.


Historically, the multiple stop-overs, time zone changes and flight connections meant that passengers often found themselves exhausted at the end of their journey. But that has now changed. With Qantas investing in a new non-stop Perth-London route – as well as world-class passenger facilities – getting there can truly be half the fun.


The Transit Lounge features:


  • 15 Shower suites including bright LED lighting which can be run in 15-minute sessions to help re-adjust your body clock to the local time zone.
  • A Wellness studio that offers stretching and breathing classes held every 15 minutes. This helps relax passengers before a flight, while also assisting them to adjust to a new time zone and work out any kinks once they arrive in Perth.
  • Two outdoor decks providing sunshine and fresh air and an authentic Perth experience after the long flight.
  • Outdoor BBQ with meals provided by on-site chefs.
  • A Business Facility centre.


The lounge is bathed in natural light, and is notable for its acoustic excellence, supported by the installation of Vogl Acoustic Seamless Perforated Plasterboard, supplied by Decor Systems. Quietly working away in the backing, the Vogl ceiling provides a discreet architectural statement on its own, whilst effortlessly absorbing the noisy ‘clatter’ that is so often associated with these types of facilities.


Certified here in Australia to Group 1 fire rating, Vogl Seamless Perforated Plasterboard is super-fast to install, guaranteed not to crack and available for immediate delivery.