Perth Airport T1

Perth Airport T1


There is nothing more original than having an acoustic wall created from  your own unique design. And that is exactly what has been recently installed at Perth Airport T1 Terminal, made from Decor Systems DecorArti Panels

The bespoke sculptures and perforated wall called "From the skies" were designed by Penelope Forlano at Forlano Design, with artwork text by Doolann Leisha Eatts, a Whukjuk/Piblenman/Nyungah woman elder.

"At night, again and again, the elders used to tell us
dreamtime stories, they used to show us the stars...."

"From the skies" grace the wall of Perth T1 Aiport Terminal, inspiring imagination and creativity. But what makes this wall outstanding is not only the unique design, but also the wall functionality. The wall lining helps improve acoustic quality which is an important aspect to consider for any product used in a busy environment such as an airport.

Perth Airport T1 Terminal perforated wall panels were made from Decor SystemsDecorArti range and mounted to the wall using our BJ2 mounting system.

– You design it, we make it.


by Robert Frith of Acorn Photography,
courtesy of Perth Airport Pty. Ltd.

"From the skies" sculptures and perforated wall designed by Penelope Forlano,
artwork text by Doolann Leisha Eatts, a Whudjuk/Piblemnan/Nyungha woman elder.