Marist College Canberra

Marist College Canberra

Marist College Canberra

DecorSlat, DecorTrend

Designed with minimalist elements and comprising large areas of hard surfaces, this new school facility features an uncluttered design with accompanying functionality. TheĀ building creates a social hub for the campus that promotes an environment of community learning and team teaching and learning.


The installation of the Decor Acoustic Panels add vitality and a sense of place into the heart of the college with enriching and uplifting spaces that inspire students to reach their full potential.


The DecorTrend Slotted Timber Acoustic Panels in the woodwork classrooms solve the multiple challenges of the necessary acoustic control that is essential in such an environment and soften the industrial ambience of the space.


The student Common Areas feature DecorSlat Timber Acoustic Panels, adding a striking visual , vertical element to the space and delivering acoustic success to the zone.


Decor Systems were delighted to work with Collins Caddaye Architects in developing the solutions that were required to achieve the required acoustic and aesthetic outcomes on this project.