Macquarie University International College

Macquarie University International College

Macquarie University International College


Winner 2019 Best Learning Environments Australasia

Acoustic absorption was a vital key to achieving the atmosphere required in this learning environment.

The ‘Independent Learning Centre’ (ILC) is designed with flexibility in mind. Students can choose to study here before or after class, using MUICs online resources and books, do homework or research a class project. They can also attend free workshops and study groups to build skills in speaking, writing, academic skills, grammar or pronunciation, or check in with our ILC support staff for advice.

Decor Systems VoglFuge was the picture-perfect answer to absorb the hustle and bustle in key areas to attain the lucidity and equilibrium required. The random perforation (VoglFuge pattern 8/15/20R) commends the architects design aesthetic, incorporating custom lights and services.

Setting an stimulating yet composed atmosphere, the achieved outcome portrays a spectacular all-in-one finish with outstanding acoustic control.

Architect: Gardner Wetherill Associates

Builder: Prime Projects