Linq Apartments

Linq Apartments


LINQ Apartments is an exciting new high-rise development recently completed in Northbridge, WA.  The development was designed to provide a resort-style oasis amidst the busy lifestyle of this inner city suburb of Perth.

With an integrated architectural design, this contemporary development features 2 buildings of 8 storeys each. The central showpiece of Linq is an expansive, fully landscaped garden, which seamlessly links the development’s 2 towers with the heated pool and gymnasium, creating a genuine eco-resort feel.

Designed by SS Chang ArchitectsDecorSlat ceiling by Decor Systems was specified for the main lobby of the apartment building. To compliment the overall resort feel of the building,  the versatile and earthy Western Red Cedar timber finish was chosen.

However, what makes this DecorSlat ceiling special is its raked design which brought a different type of style to the building lobby. It was designed to make a bold eye-catching statement as soon as a visitor steps into the building. The raked ceiling theme is also reflected on the external façade of the building so it is a continuation of the theme from the outside stepping inside.

The slatted timber system also works with the lobby columns and lights, and its acoustic performance was also high on the approval list for the architects.

Decor Systems was really involved with the Linq Apartment project right at the beginning. The architect conveyed her design intent to Decor Systems and showed us her drawing. We took it upon ourselves to write the specification for the ceiling, custom made the ceiling panels to ensure there would be now nasty surprises on site.

It is always the interesting part of job in working on something different and working closely with architects to turn their design vision to reality. The result - an eye catching raked ceiling that offer a different type of style.