Hillam Architects Office

Hillam Architects Office

Hillam Architects Office


It is always interesting to step inside an architectural firm and see how the architects imprint their creative flair on their own office. After all, this is the space where architects and designers have as much design freedom as they want without having to adhere to any restrictive brief from their clients.

We were very excited to receive photos of the new Hillam Architects office in Subiaco, WA, and we thoroughly enjoyed our sneak peek into their new space. According to the architect, working on the philosophy of creating a dynamic, raw interior, HIilam's final build resulted in a multi-layered, textured environment. Housing 40 people, the flexible workplace has series of openable spaces which extend into a large open area, combined with open plan sit-to-stand workstation promoting an Activity Based Workplace.

Key materials used were predominantly timber, concrete and glass. Combining with interesting lighting design, the architects managed to create an interior that is dynamic and with an industrial-chic sophistication.

Decor Systems DecorArti timber ceilings were installed extensively in many parts of the new office. The bespoke perforated design added a sense of uniqueness and personality to the often overlooked ceiling. The acoustic quality of our products also helped create a calm acoustic ambience to a busy dynamic office.

It always makes us proud when our products are specified, but we consider it a special honour when the designers use our products for themselves in their own space.