Highgate Primary School

Highgate Primary School

Highgate Primary School


This project includes the addition of 4 primary and 4 pre-primary ‘standard pattern’ teaching classrooms on to the state listed historic site of Highgate Primary School. It is located adjacent to the significant heritage buildings created by the government office of the renowned architect George Temple Poole.

Central to this was the outdoor space, Iredale Pedersen Hook designed a beautiful acoustic ceiling utilising DecorZen.

Exterior grade plywood was required for the conditions. Custom stained and shaped panels to reflect the flooring creates the WOW moment when you enter the space. Decor Systems was able to supply the samples to get the stain colour perfect as well as incorporate the integrated lighting and shaped panels.

Click view gallery to see the full extent of this striking ceiling that is a testament to Iredale Pedersen Hooks creativity, Decor Systems was fortunate to be a leading part of this WOW project.

"The Acoustic Decor panels hover above the undercover performance space, creating a space with warmth while limiting the spread of noise to adjacent residences. The resulting sound quality allows the space to be used for active events without fear of noise disturbance. The contrasting coloured circular ceiling panels define a space for numerous activities to occur and with the integrated lighting, provide an educational teaching opportunity focusing on the cardinal points of the compass."

Adrian Iredale, Director - Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects